Testimonial 28

This is the best hospital in the city. ULH is a teaching hospital and we work together as a team to ensure the patient has a good outcome. We are highly skilled to take care of critically sick and injured patients.

Testimonial 27

Because I like working at a teaching hospital. I also like working with some of the sickest patients in the state.

Testimonial 26

I started working at ULH because I thought I would enjoy working with sick babies, but I ended up loving my job and my coworkers. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Testimonial 25

I absolutely love everything about my job! Taking care of patients is what I have always wanted to do in surgery. Now I’m hands on taking care of them for 15 years, love my patients, my doctors and my co-workers! That is why I work at ULH!

Testimonial 23

I just graduated and ULH was always my first choice. I am proud to work here and look forward to the future.

Testimonial 22

I’m always learning something new. The support of my peers and the teamwork at ULH is always exciting and never boring. I’ve been here for 11 years and I have no plans of leaving yet.

Testimonial 20

I have been here for 29 years and it feels like home to me. I love my coworkers and my department and have never wanted to change. It is always challenging, never a dull moment and I learn something new and see something new all the time. I feel like I truly make a difference here.

Testimonial 19

I learn something new at work every day. Our culture at ULH recognizes that we are all learning and growing. The doctors are open and listen to nurse observations and take us seriously.

Testimonial 18

My coworkers are amazing and I like the clinical trials and cutting age treatments we are offering patients.

Testimonial 17

It is the best overall place, you have great coworkers that support one another and are the picture of teamwork. ULH has excellent physicians that practice with philosophy of teaching staff and other medical students. ULH is patient centered with regards to their care. From housekeeping all the way up to top managers. The best coworkers ever are at ULH!